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  • Terrakami Industries presents its new container series CubEST (Cubic e-Structures) featuring a double shielded frame and re-entry temperature resistance. This new series fits the most demanding military requirements and allows safe orbital and ground transportation. Besides, all the elements of the series CubEST display self assembly connectors that allow you to put all its resilience to your service building heavy duty prefabricated structures in minutes.


This laser-cut model is produced on 3mm MDF and allow you to deploy stackable structures and covers suiting any 28mm scf-fi skirmish and battle games.

Stackable with all the sci-fi container range. Compatible with the MagLev train and Crane models.

Material: 3mm MDF

Size: 50mm H x 50mm W x 50/100/150mm L (Sizes S, M or L)

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3mm MDF
50mm H x 50mm W x 50/100/150 mm L (Sizes S, M or L)
Weight (packed)
185 gr (S,M) - 270 gr (L) (Single Packs)
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